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Sparco Gaming glove, Hypergrip, Black/Red, 9

47.00 €
Osta Võrrelda
  • KM-ta: 39.17 €
Bränd: Sparco
Mudel: 002094NRRS09
Saadavus: Ettetellimisel 1-4 Tööpäeva, lepingulistele klientidele vastavalt lepingule
Kogus: 4 tk.
Garantii: 24 Kuud
Garantii pikkus 24 month(s)
Brutokaal 0.08 kg
Kaal 0.04 kg
Product Name Hypergrip
Värvus Black/Red
Product family Gaming glove
Suurus 9
Teised omadused The Hypergrip glove revolutionizes the concept of racing gloves specifically with the Sim Racer and Gamer in mind. The gaming glove has been designed for use both with the steering wheels in various materials found on the market and with PC controllers and consoles. The micro-perforated microfibre on the palm ensures maximum ventilation without reducing the grip provided by the rubber coating. The perforated and stretch materials used on the Hypergrip glove ensure perfect fit and comfort for long gaming sessions, limiting perspiration and providing a second skin feel. The gaming gloves come with "touch-sensitive" tips on the index finger and thumb. These tips are reversible and can be removed in "controller" mode: with uncovered fingers, the gamer will exert pressure more effectively on the joystick buttons, ensuring rapidity and precision. The foam protections on the palm reduce the stress exerted on the hand by these devices.
Sparco Gaming glove, Hypergrip, Black/Red, 9

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